Albagair OCPP Project descriptions

Sudanese Thermal  Power Generating Company (STPG) Started Tendering for Albagair Open Cycle Power Plant Project (Phase 1) with all necessary equipment.

During Phase 1 an open cycle power plant (OCPP) fired with Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) will be the primary fuels in the first years of operation. and  natural gas for future operation

The Project consists of: 

  • Several gas turbines with a total net capacity of approx. 320 MW +/- 10% at ISO conditions, number of units of GTs will be selected by the Bidding contractors. 
  • A substation and connection to the 220 kV  TL.
  • A connection to the 500 kV future TL.
  • Design of phase 1 will consider certain interfaces and design inputs for phase 2.

During Phase 2, which is not part of the on going bidding , the OCPP will be extended to a combined cycle power plant (CCPP) with the appropriate number of gas turbines (GTs), heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and Steam Turbines (STs) with a net capacity of 750 MW at ISO conditions. The design of phase 1 will  consider certain interfaces and design inputs for phase 2 .